Regeneration Rising

This week I read a powerful report by the global marketing agency Wunderman Thompson called Regeneration Rising.

The net-net is this: being sustainable or “not making things worse” doesn’t cut it anymore. Regeneration is the new paradigm. The challenges we face are daunting: a recent study published in Nature reported that there is only a 5% likelihood of the world meeting the target of 2°C of warming by 2100.

Regeneration goes further than sustainability—simply avoiding or mitigating environmental harm. Regeneration is about “restoring and enriching ecosystems, replenishing natural resources, and ensuring that natural systems can thrive for future generations.” It’s about reversing damage, putting things to right.

Over the last few years I have felt this shift to something beyond “sustainable.” Now, watching the Bootleg fire in Oregon rage so massively that it is creating its own weather system, that feeling has become a conviction—one that is emphatically affirmed by Regeneration Rising.

Looking for a ray of hope? The same report found that 85% of people are prepared to rethink the way they live and spend money to tackle climate change. So, we are willing to make whatever personal changes are necessary. And we are demanding regeneration from the brands and businesses we support and they are falling into line.

Regeneration Rising is hopeful: “The appetite for change from ordinary people is strong.” Yes, the wind is beginning to blow in a different direction. We are those ordinary people who are prepared to make changes ranging from ordinary to extraordinary, and our concerted actions are gusting toward the more hopeful future we know is possible.

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