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Welcome to Planetarian Life, a community for people who are changing the way they eat for the good of the planet. And it’s no surprise – what’s good for the planet is also good for us (and our kids and grandkids).
We make plant-rich cooking simple, sustainable, and delicious.
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Sweet thai chli tofu served with roasted broccoli and white rice
Cabbage salad blitzed in a food processor and topped with carrots, quinoa, dried apricots, pepitas (pumpkin seeds), and cilantro. Easy, healthy, filling, plant-based, vegan recipe

Delicious meals have never been so easy

The Capsule Kitchen is a collection of mix-and-match essentials, techniques, bases, and formulas to use weekly and change seasonally. The goal is to free you from strict recipes and make this new way of cooking second nature. Using the Capsule Kitchen, you can create simple, healthy meals, while saving time, money, and the planet.

Here are the main elements of your Capsule Kitchen

Red strawberries

Considering what’s good for the earth in our daily choices

Reducing your meat and dairy consumption is the most effective way to shrink your carbon footprint. Planetarian Life is empowering people to take daily action on climate change by making plant-rich cooking easy, sustainable, and delicious. Become a Planetarian and join our community that’s eating well and doing something good for the earth!

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