What is a Capsule Kitchen?

Whether you love cooking or hate it, there’s no denying that feeding ourselves and our loved ones is a relentless task. Take away meat and dairy and the job is only that much harder, at least at first. We know what it’s like to stare into the fridge begging lunch to appear. We know those dreaded words, “What’s for dinner?” We know what it’s like to spend time and money on food that disappoints.
We have a better way.

Our solution is the Life-Changing, Earth-Saving Capsule Kitchen.

You’ve heard of the capsule wardrobe—editing your closet down to your favorite seasonal clothes, remixing them regularly, and buying fewer high-quality pieces. With less clutter in your closet, getting dressed is easier. Well, the same goes for your kitchen: you don’t need an endless procession of recipes, cookbooks, ingredients, and gadgets for everyday cooking. You need a Capsule Kitchen: a collection of mix-and-match essentials, techniques, bases, and formulas to use weekly and change seasonally, freeing you from strict recipe adherence and making plant-rich cooking second nature.

A bowl of creamy vegan rice soup flavored with lemon, white beans, and Spinach
Vegan stuffed peppers made with lentils, walnuts, rice, and tomato sauce

It’s not magic, but it will change your life.

A jar of homemade Black Forest Granola with oats, almonds, chocolate chips, and dried cherries

It will also help save time, money, and the planet.

Just like your capsule wardrobe needs a party dress and a pair of sweatpants, we also offer recipes for celebrations and classic favorites made Planetarian, so you’ve got reliable, plant-rich recipes for special moments and good old-fashioned comfort food.

Here are the elements of your Capsule Kitchen

Start Your
Capsule Kitchen

You’re interested in the Capsule Kitchen. You love the idea of it. But you’re thinking, “Just tell me how! Hold my hand while we walk and talk.” Here’s your guide to getting started and creating the foundation of your very own Life-Changing, Earth-Saving Capsule Kitchen. Once you get into the swing of it, you’ll never go back to elaborate weekly meal-plans, frantic last-minute grocery store runs, or scrambling to make dinner.

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