‘Greener You’ Challenge #37 – Green Up Your Stockings

A big part of the holidays, stockings and small gifts are often an after-thought, shopped for hurriedly, mindlessly, and last minute. As a result these purchases tend to be small, plastic objects that quickly end up broken, lost, or in the garbage. This year, challenge yourself to green-up your stocking.

Here are a few tips:

Stockings don’t need to be stuffed. A handful of thoughtfully selected gifts are much better for the recipient (and the Earth) than a sock full of clutter.

Think It Through. Take time to make a list. What do they need? What would they like? What would they use?

Buy fun versions of useful items. Bamboo toothbrushes, crazy socks, colorful bath bombs, fragrant handmade soaps, creative hair accessories, bright cooking utensils, small books.

Give lasting gifts like ornaments, books, and framed photos, for example.

Give consumable gifts like cookies, candy, specialty pastas, and jarred spreads and sauces.

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