Lucy’s Story

Planetarian Life is a compass oriented towards healing the earth – not a map. Your path (and pace) is your own. I love hearing people’s individual stories of transformation, so this week I wanted to share the experience of my friend and former colleague, Lucy. It is honest, real, and inspiring.


Lucy’s Story

When I started my Planetarian journey, it’s safe to say I was at the end of my rope. I’d started seeing a dietician to heal my relationship with food, and between all the emphasis on multiple meals a day, protein and veg, and exploring my emotionally charged late night sweet snacks, I was overwhelmed. Add feeding my two-year-old, my husband, and constant devastation over the state of the planet, and I was cooked.

Enter Planetarian Life and the Capsule Kitchen. One lesson with Maggy and a fully stocked Capsule Kitchen later, and my life has drastically changed. I restock my Bases and Essentials over the course of the week while I have 30 minutes to spare here and there. I toss together lunches effortlessly in the morning, and stir in any of Planetarian Life’s quick Pestos (my favorite is Sundried Tomato) or Roasted Cherry Tomato Confit into basic grain meals and feel so satisfied I don’t even miss the flavors I crave when I order in seamless—something I was doing several nights a week before I found Planetarian Life.

I haven’t bought meat or fish in my groceries for two months now—it’s just not necessary now that I know that whatever I have in my Capsule Kitchen, I can make any number of delicious, quick, easy, nourishing meals.

On days when my heart overflows with sorrow for our planet—I return to the quiet chant that undergirds all of my meals, these day: change starts with you. When it all feels so hopeless, I’m tremendously grateful to say that Planetarian Life saved my life and helped me regain hope for the planet, one plant-based meal at a time. I’m not fully vegan or vegetarian—eggs and dairy still feature heavily in my diet and in my family’s—that’s another hill to climb. But watching my two-year-old gobble up Sundried Tomato Pesto on her noodles or dig into Quinoa Cakes with gusto fills me with relief.

We’re all learning to eat in new ways, and it’s not always perfect, but it is slow, sustainable, committed change. I’m so proud to be a Planetarian, and so grateful for the Capsule Kitchen, which has made my earth saving dreams a reality.

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