‘Greener You’ Challenge #38 – Try Veganuary

I am not vegan and don’t believe I ever will be, but this month is Veganuary, and I’m committing to eat plant-based for the next thirty-one days.

I love abstaining from meat and dairy for periods of time. I don’t find it restrictive. In fact, this fun challenge always leads to new recipes, products, and restaurants, which I continue to carry with me. Of course, it also deepens my Planetarian Life and makes me feel great!

In this week’s podcast, we talk about the benefits and challenges of Veganuary and how short-term resolutions actually lead to lasting change.

If going vegan for thirty-one days sounds like too big of an ask, create your own challenge. Maybe this month it’s eating one vegan meal a day or commit to ordering meatless when you dine out.

For connection, community, and support in this challenge, e-mail me, and I’ll create a group. Let’s do this together!

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