‘Greener You’ Challenge #16 – Nurture Your Relationship with Earth

Illustration by Casey Barber

Imagine a person you love and want to connect (or re-connect) with. What would that look like? Of course you’d want to spend quality time together, find out more about them, appreciate their many gifts, and help, defend, and protect them.

What if that beloved friend was the Earth? What would that look like?

  • Spend quality time together—go for a hike, relax under a tree, sit outside to work, try something new like forest therapy.
  • Find out more about them—listen to a book, watch a documentary, listen to a podcast, subscribe to a newsletter.
  • Appreciate their gifts—take in the Farmers Market’s beauty and abundance, the myriad of wildlife, the sun warming your face.
  • Help them—eat plant-rich, waste less, compost.
  • Defend and protect themsupport environmental organizations, vote—in elections and with your spending, tell a friend why they should care.

Cherishing this connection makes Planetarian choices easier. So this year, instead of just celebrating Earth Day, add “Re-Connect with Earth” to your weekly routine and see how it changes your relationship. Maybe you’ll notice how the Earth has loved you back all along.

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