Just Show Up

When most of us think of activism, we see people marching and chanting in the streets or a charismatic leader giving an impassioned speech to throngs of supporters. This style of activism is important, but it may lead a person to conclude they’re just not activist types.

I’m happy to tell you that activism is actually much bigger and broader. I like the way FutureEarth defines it.

“It really is just a bunch of people who decided to show up. People with different skill sets trying to figure out how to use what they are good at to tilt us closer towards the world we need.”

To me, the easiest way to “show up” is to join a group that’s already taking action.

Earlier this week I went on a hike with my friend Patty who heads up a local climate action group working to make our town 100% emissions-free by 2040. As we walked through the forest, she told me about a massive solar canopy project underway at the train station. Once completed, it will provide enough power to run twenty-four new EV charging stations, all the municipal buildings in town, and hundreds of homes! I was thrilled to learn this was happening where I lived.

“But,” she said, “we really need help.” I don’t know much about solar. What could I offer? After further explanation of the project and process, she added that they needed help designing materials and getting the word out. A-ha! I thought. Here’s my in.

Next week I attend my first meeting. (It doesn’t hurt that we meet at a local brewery!)

That FutureEarth quote continued.

 “The main problem is that there aren’t enough people taking action. And the world needs your skills now more than ever.”

If you have the luxury of time, consider getting involved in local (or national) climate action efforts. I assure you they need your help! Just show up and offer the skills that you have and the time you can give. Together, we will tilt this world closer towards the world we need.

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