‘Greener You’ Challenge #30 – Green-Up Your Investments

For most of us, money is a difficult subject. From a young age, we are trained not to talk about it, but money—how we save, invest, and spend it—is important.

Here’s the inconvenient fact: if you invest in the stock market or use a big bank, your bucks are almost assuredly funding the climate crisis.

So, what can we do?

Investments: If you’re into the stock market or have a retirement account, consider investing in companies that work to create positive environmental and social change, while yielding financial returns. (Investing in your values doesn’t mean you can’t make a profit!) To learn more about impact investing, listen to this week’s podcast episode with Alejandro Fritz, Co-Founder of FLIT Invest, an app that makes it easy for anyone to back the things they care about.

Banking & Credit Cards: If you bank with one of the big ones, your money is likely funding fossil fuels and gas pipelines. Consider swapping to a local bank, credit union, or banks like Aspiration and Amalgamated Bank, which support local communities and positive environmental and societal outcomes. For more information, check out this week’s One Simple Swap (below).

Big Purchases: How we spend our money matters too. Supporting companies and businesses that are doing right by people and the planet is an important way to vote for the future we want. The next time you pull out your wallet, especially for big purchases, find out if the brand or business you’re shelling out to aligns with your values.

You don’t have to do it all, but learning is the first step. We hope this week’s challenge is helpful as you start to shift your financial life in a greener direction.

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