‘Greener You’ Challenge #9 – Dispel Tofu Myths

There are a lot of misconceptions about soy and tofu, particularly about its production, nutritional value, and impact on the body.

Here’s what our research and personal experience reveals:

Myth #1:

Human soy bean (tofu) consumption causes deforestation and habitat loss.

Fact: Beef production is the leading cause of rainforest deforestation. Over 75% of all soy bean production feeds the animals we consume.

Myth #2:

Tofu is not as protein-rich as meat.

Fact: Depending on its form, soy protein levels vary, but soy is high-protein, low-cholesterol, vitamin- and mineral-rich, with fiber and omegas. Per 150g:

  • Green soybeans (edamame) — 19 grams
  • Soybeans, mature — 27 grams
  • Soybeans, sprouted — 13 grams
  • Firm tofu — 26 grams

A serving of mature soybeans offers more protein than a serving of strip steak (49g vs. 23g).

Myth #3:

Tofu can cause cancer or hormone disruption.

Fact: More than 2,000 peer-reviewed soy studies are conducted each year. Overwhelmingly, they find that soy is good for you and can actually help prevent cancer and heart disease. The concern is soy’s isoflavones, similar to estrogen, whose potential negative effects on animals do not have the same impact on humans. For more information, check out this report.

Myth #4:

Tofu has no flavor.

Reality: Tofu takes on the flavor of whatever it’s cooked with. Its mild flavor and variety of textures—from silken to super-firm— means you can shape and flavor it in a myriad of ways. Try one of our many favorite tofu dishes below

Here are a few of my favorite tofu recipes on Planetarian Life:

Tofu “Chicken” Cutlets (Technique)

Sweet Chili Tofu (Classic)

Tofu Scrambled “Eggs” (Formula)

  • Tofu Scrambled “Eggs” with Black Beans & Salsa
  • Tofu Scrambled “Eggs” with Chickpeas & Salsa Verde
  • Tofu Scrambled “Eggs” with Spinach & Pesto

Meatless “Meatballs” (Formula)

  • Lemongrass-Sriracha
  • Classic Italian
  • Smoky Spanish

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