‘Greener You’ Challenge #18 – Switch to Bamboo in the Loo

Would it surprise you that only 30% of the world’s population uses toilet paper? The rest rely on natural elements like water, leaves, sand, and rocks. Despite the relatively small percentage of global dependence on TP, its production is responsible for 15% of deforestation. Did you know…

  • Americans lead in toilet paper use (an average of 140 rolls per person, per year!).
  • Most toilet paper is made from virgin pulp, which results in the felling of 27,000 trees per day, a figure that could triple by 2050.

There’s a simple Planetarian solution (and it’s not reusable toilet paper or installing a bidet). Consider bamboo toilet paper.

  • Unlike trees that take years—even decades—to mature, bamboo stalks are a record-setting renewable resource.
  • Bamboo is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest growing plant. (Its growth is measured in kilometers per hour!)
  • Bamboo toilet paper looks and feels exactly like tree-based toilet paper.
  • 85% of Americans want more environmentally friendly toilet paper.

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re part of the 85%. Curious about the price comparison between bamboo and regular toilet paper? Toilet paper from trees averages .84 cents per roll while most bamboo rolls average $1.10-$1.20. A few cents more and so much better for Earth.

We use Who Gives A Crap! But there are other companies like CabooReelCloud PaperBim Bam Boo, and many more.

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