Make the Most of Your Holiday Conversations

Sitting down around a holiday table can be met with joy or dread. It’s a time to connect and reminisce, but often it’s a time when people share their beliefs.

If climate change is something you’re passionate about, the holiday table can be a great time to inspire others to join you on a non-judgmental Planetarian path. Here are some tips for better, more productive conversations.

Share, Don’t Shame. People don’t respond positively to shaming. How about a conversation starter like this? “The planet needs our help. Here’s how I’m trying to respond.” A non-threatening statement like this gives them the opportunity to join in the discussion.

Lead By Example. Inspire and wow them. If you’re cooking, make a delicious Planetarian meal (or bring a dish) that leaves people saying, “I can’t believe this is plant-based!” Tasting is believing. Great food always leads to great conversations

Keep an Open Mind. From cultural and religious traditions to medical concerns and time constraints, there are many reasons people can’t or haven’t yet started the move towards a more Planetarian lifestyle. Listen, be open-minded, and supportive.

Focus on Connection. Share your WHY. Why did you become a Planetarian? Why does this matter to you? If people understand your motivation, they’re more likely to be open.

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