Love Your Library

Escape electronics and improve your eye,  physical and mental health; read a real book for 15 minutes before sleep. The results are impressive

Even better: save money, reduce the environmental impact of accumulating stuff, and connect with community while borrowing from your local library. 

Libraries are long-term public investments in educational equity, knowledge, and society. Not only are they home to books (and story time!) and e-books, but also magazines, newspapers, movies, music, microfiche, and library-level ancestry research resources.  

Through inter-library loan and the Library of Things you can borrow almost anything, including temporary items like:

  • Killawatt electricity meter
  • Trail camera
  • Tools for kitchen, garden, or backyard
  • Soil analyzer
  • Food dehydrator
  • Karaoke machine
  • Paper shredder 
  • Metal detector
  • And more!

Libraries provide free access to computers, clean public restrooms, and space for community events. Librarians are heroes, sleuths for solutions. Just ask. 


Laura & Gil

Our friends Laura & Gil Richardson are, in their own words, “imperfect” but they are much further down this Planetarian path than anyone I know. They are a treasure trove of sustainable living inspiration and we’ve asked them to share one simple swap per week that they’ve made (and the products they love) in hopes it might inspire you to make them, too.


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