‘Greener You’ Challenge #33 – Find Your Place in the Climate Movement

Recently I’ve connected with those who’ve shifted from concerned citizen to engaged activist, finding a larger role in the climate movement. It’s not not just marching in the streets. There are many ways to participate, and everyone’s role is unique.

The above Venn diagram helped me find my unique place in the climate movement, shifting from despair to action. But first I had to answer the following questions. What brings me joy? Cooking. What are my talents and skills? Bringing people together, especially around food. What does the climate movement need? A dramatic shift towards a plant-rich diet. The answers to those questions resulted in Planetarian Life and the Life Changing, Earth-Saving Capsule Kitchen.

In this week’s podcast, listen to friend and colleague, lawyer and activist, Kate Logan, talk about her motivation to join the climate protests in London. Next week you’ll meet lawyer, father, and blogger Marek Marczynski who sheds light on some of the most important climate cases around the world. No matter who you are, where you live, or your skill set, there is a place for you.

Challenge yourself this week. Spend some time with the Venn diagram and see what emerges.

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