‘Greener You’ Challenge #6 – Cook a Planetarian Meal at Your Next Gathering

Did you know?

  • Nearly one in four Americans have reduced their meat consumption (health reasons the most commonly cited motivation.)
  • More than 90% of Americans “are willing” to eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • More than 50% are open to trading some red meat for plant-based options.
  • So why aren’t more Americans eating plant-based? Of those surveyed, 64% said that no one had ever asked them to!
  • 50% are either unsure what plant-based foods to buy how to cook them.

Here’s What You Can Do:

Cooking for others promotes connection, conversation, and community. If you’re a Planetarian, it can also be a powerful way to inspire others.

Now that we have Planetarian Celebrations and Classics recipes, cooking plant-based meals for others is FUN! We never tire of the wide-eyed look on people’s faces when they say, “This is vegan? It’s delicious!” It truly opens minds.

Not only will these meals “wow” people’s taste buds, they may also act as a conversation starter, ultimately inspiring others on a Planetarian journey of their own. If you find these conversations challenging, listen to this week’s podcast for ideas on how to talk to your people about being Planetarian without sounding “preachy.”

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